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The Practices of Kadmon


To dedicate yourself to the work of the Kadmon, one need only to possess the will to do so. We do not ask you to believe in a specific religion or creed - we ask only that you do the work of bettering the world around you as best you can with the tools you have. Learning to work with others is a big part of Kadmon, sometimes with those who believe differently than yourself. To that end, tolerance is prized highly in this work, as is patience.

Note: For more detail, click on the name of the rite/symbol. Rites will often have a separate page that may give you a better perspective on the subject.

Symbols and Units

This is the symbol of Kadmon, the Phasma. The Phasma came to me in a dream, and it represents several properties of reality that can be explored through meditation. This is the basic unit of Kadmon ritual and most operations will utilise it in one form or another. It is used to invoke all of the Principles and can be used to contact the group mind of Kadmon. Through a Net, it should be possible to contact fellow Speira using this symbol. It is also a catalyst, signalling to the Kadmon group mind that you are requesting help with a certain problem. You can click the link above for a basic meditation utilizing the Phasma.

Oudeis, The Wanderer

Other groups and religions have ranks, which are set above the layperson, but Kadmon has only two ranks: Oudeis and Speira. Neither one is more important than the other - they fulfill different roles - and neither has more authority than the other. Rather, they indicate levels of relation to others within our organization. An Oudeis is one who wanders, seeking their purpose alone in the world. When we are young, we are programmed by our environment to view ourselves and others in certain ways. The Oudeis wanders far from "home", breaking those fetters and chains, not necessarily by physical distance, but by distancing themselves from that which is comfortable. The Oudeis is disconnected from belief in many ways, so as to break away from the control by others. This distance must always be respected, and is considered a sacred task, each finding freedom from suffering through wandering. Freedom also bears a price. The Oudeis must seek to be free from dependence on others. Although an Oudeis may have dependents, never can that be used as an excuse for failure to achieve their own independence. Consequently, an Oudeis that takes on dependents gains honor, but for those that seek that honor, the risk is higher. If the Oudeis becomes defiantly dependent on another, the flow of Krisis, the essence of panic or horror, will increase until the Oudeis self-corrects.

Lithôsis, The Heart of Stone

There comes a time when any person may feel spent in their efforts to change the world. It is this time in which it is best to retreat, and to allow the world to run it's course. It is then that our suggestion is to acquire a lapis lazuli and a piece of hematite. You must carry these in the recognition that you are placing the burden of manifesting your Achdut and our Ideals upon the group (the lapis lazuli, representing the principle of Suneleusis) and that you have become No One, an Oudeis. Note that there is no shame in this hermitage, only honor. This is a time of healing and self-seeking, and for some may last much longer than for others. When regeneration has occured, then it is time once again to dedicate oneself using the Tears of Blood rite.

The Net, The Hand of Kadmon

A Net is the basic unit of working within Kadmon. Nets may develop naturally around a cause or they may formally declare their cause and organize at that time. In our experience, there is an advantage to formal declaration that manifests especially in speed of cohesion, faster development of synchronization (mental and emotional), and in ease of sharing resources (group immunities to illness and shared pain tolerance). However, the basic Net is a group within Kadmon where all members (Speira) are engaged in the same cause, or working in the same location. The net serves as a platform for causing change, and is itself subject to change as well. It is our working theory that a team of individuals cooperating towards a given purpose should not be tied to each other indefinitely. Inevitably change will cause us to shift our focus to new goals and dreams. To this end, we feel that even if a purpose is established formally, that a person must go where their spirit directs. To the degree that we are given much more freedom in how we work, it is also necessary that each Oudeis hold themselves all the more accountable for their actions, conducting themselves with diligence and deliberation. The following practices will help enforce structure and accountability, but they are no substitute for tenacity and motivation.

Speira The Coil

Just as a coil of DNA serves to manifest a part of the body, so does the Speira work in concert with other members of their Net to manifest a part of the body of Kadmon. The Speira state their ideal; they declare their dream, and then work to achieve it. Many times, they may fail, but always must redouble their efforts and create a new strategy, ever onward until the goal. Even now, there is a part of you that knows what your true purpose on Earth is, and what you wish in your heart of hearts to achieve. You may have been told it is not possible, but this does not excuse you from working with all of your being to make that purpose manifest. To do the work, knowing that you may not finish, this is what is required of you. Knowing this, the Speira takes tools in hand, the tools of Kadmon, and finds a way. The path may not be easy, but trailblazers do not walk beaten paths. This is why the path to forming a net begins with Tears, because this work is sorrow, sometimes heartache, and sometimes ultimate loss. But there is no greater joy than to take on this sorrow, to do this Great Work, and to know this strength.

Tears of Blood

When we are ready to take on the sorrows of the world, to begin to work for our individually defined cause, we do so by announcing our cause to our fellows. They will acknowledge our cause, question us as to our commitment and understanding, then decide whether to aid or allow. To aid means to submit to the principle that the subject is currently following. To allow means to continue upon your own course. Then all who have chosen to aid and the subject will take the juice or wine and place a single drop just below the eye. All present will then drink together ceremonially. This process (or (Hidruma) below) establishes a group of people as a net. People are free to come and go as they choose, as mentioned above, but to take a new purpose, they must re-dedicate themselves to a new cause. While nets are free-flowing they should be respected as much as possible.


When a cause is great, and many are needed for it's accomplishment, it may be disadvantageous to depend on only one individual to direct this cause. In these cases, it is best to establish an Axon, which establishes a cause, and allows the leadership to vary. The Axon is a symbol of the cause, as well as a tangible and durable object that should be used in the accomplishment of the cause itself. Possession of the Axon does not confer authority. Those participating in the net will confer the authority that is necessary to the leader. Crafting an Axon may be done in many ways, but all who intend to participate from the outset should aid in its creation. At the end of the creation, the Tears of Blood rite should be conducted as usual except that the axon should be consecrated by a single drop of juice or wine in addition to the participants
Important Note - In places where the symbol of blood in the above rituals is used, it should not be read as though based on the old idea of blood as the price of salvation or purity (a clever guise for human sacrifice, I might note). It is based on the ontological truth behind the Torah story when it says that, in the beginning, the first Human (Adam Kadmon) was cut off from the Tree of Life when he was banished from the idyllic state of consciousness symbolized by the Garden of Eden. At that time, his soul, which was originally able to see God, face to face, was wounded (See the Fisher King myth). This was no ordinary wound - for the blood of the Kadmon was Da'at, divine knowledge. It was the Mazel, meaning luck or supernatural influence, descended from the Throne of God himself, that filled Adam Kadmon's soul. It is this fluid that supports and makes manifest the worlds even now. This quintessence is the basis of consciousness and reality as we know it. This is why Kadmon eschews the idea that the world is made of energy; rather it seems to conform more to the properties of information. As Adam Kadmon was the First Adam, the prototypical human, we all bear this wound in our souls, even now. It is our goal to begin to heal this mythic wound within ourselves, and eventually throughout all humanity.

Net Practices

Net suggestions: If you wish to try these exercises, try to keep your net size low. Large nets will tend to splinter if pushed too hard. That's okay if it happens: cell division is a natural process too. The recommended size is two to three. Often enough with four people, it splits into two and two. However, a larger net can accomplish more and is (generally speaking) going to be more secure. Make sure to accurately assess structure (see Sumbolaion) before committing to a cause. It is a good idea to use the Hagnizo Purification ritual regularly. Remember that we are bringing life and joy back into the consciousness of the people around us by exemplifying these things ourselves. Perfection is not necessary. In the areas that we lack, we will make up for it by way of innovation.

Note: Where practices correspond to Kadmon Principles, I will link to the principle.


I cannot stress the importance of meditation enough. For the Oudeis, meditation can be done in the following manner. Sit comfortably in a circle with your net. Visualize the thoughts streaming through your mind as shells and roaming lights. Allow them one by one to descend back into the center. The center is a point of light, without mass or texture. This point is your primordial spirit, the face of your original ancestor - Adam Kadmon. Enter the point and become the point. Then see the point turn, and realize that it was merely a line turned on its end. Allow this line to stretch out to the points at the center of the rest of the people in your net. When you have connected to their points, open your eyes, and wait for everyone to finish. In addition, if you are comfortable, this may be done back to back, so that you can synchronize your breathing. That will strengthen your net, and allow for greater sharing of experience. When back to back, it is best also to hold hands, then drop the hands when finished. The first action of a net should be Phrontis, with the goals of engaging Adam Kadmon. This will grant some insight into how the cause can be achieved, as well as foster unity. Phrontis should precede decision-making sessions and ceremonies, in order to increase effectiveness and create unity. The only case in which it is advised not to practice Phrontis before a ceremony would be before a Heart of Stone ceremony.


This is a simple technique used for the creation of sacred space, often performed before other rituals as a compliment to them. In the center of the area intended for ritual use, draw the symbol of Kadmon (reproduced on the right) in the air using a burning stick of incense or a lit bundle of herbs (usually sage or rosemary are preferred), while vibrating the name of the Principle (or Partzuf) that corresponds to the ritual you will be using. If you are not using the Hagnizo as a compliment to another ritual, vibrate the name Temenos. Then turn full circle while pushing the image of the Principle out through your incense stick or bundle into the entirety of the area you are consecrating. As you consecrate, you must be ultimately aware of the type of information, the feeling in the room, and what atmosphere you are trying to create.


This important technique begins with the idea of a imminent 'God force' that is the root of all situations. Not only is this Force imminent, it can project relevant information into a situation so that an individual by assessing patterns within the situation can understand what is going on. Every circumstance is seen as originating in the divine urge to communicate. Every event becomes a message. Maintaining this state for long periods of time isn't always a good idea, but it is a useful tool nonetheless. In many cases, this state of consciousness is far more useful when compartmentalized using a divinatory technique with a focus, such as Tarot, Runes, or I Ching. This prevents the mental degradation and paranoia that maintaining full Noema can cause.Utilizing this technique within a net is simple. Decide on a system of divinatory input and watch it for some time, then compare results. The more data, the better you will be able to synchronize your tactics as a net. You could take an online Tarot generator and use it frequently to get answers regarding simple problems. Once you've established the biases of each Speira by observing the data for a period of a month, you can start doing separate divinations on the same questions. Examine your answers in terms of your own bias and write down your conclusions. Then correlate your conclusions. The real goal, of course, is to perceive the subtle currents of existence that are driving your life and the life of your net. The more aware you become, the more you will be able to anticipate events through prescience.


Husking releases excess energy into a problematic situation which allows it to resolve itself. Let's model the situation so the mechanics will make sense. That which we refer to as mind, the subjective sense of ideas, images, and verbal expressions that flow with our sensory perceptions, is not limited in space or time. In fact, mind is a flow that connects all living things. The fluid of mind is that which I refer to above as the Blood of Adam Kadmon. As I said before, the body of Kadmon is wounded. There are poisons and toxins in the blood that cannot be purged by one person alone. This "fluid" congeals into a hard, but porous "substance" when it is prevented from moving. The Knowledge of Good and Evil was the first "husk" or barrier that spawned all the rest of them.The manifest nature of the "fluid" is called epiphany. The manifest nature of the "substance" is knowledge. When Kadmon came into contact with Evil, he chose to be Good. This wounded his nature, which was to be like God (beyond good and evil). Then the Soul of Man was split; divided into a myriad of small minds, each declaring itself dictator of this part of the river of Mind. Now, let's look again at our problematic situation. First you must maintain maximum awareness within the situation you wish to husk (Noêma). Next you have to assess what the problem is. Is it a blockage of the flow of Mind? Is it a person emanating toxin into the stream? In a situation where blockage is occuring, often the person that seems like "the problem" is merely a container for the excess energy that everyone else in the situation is generating. Find the "sovereign" (the excess energy container) and begin to examine the person. Find ways in which you can relieve them of their burdens. Doing so will allow you to get a glimpse of their core desire. Allow them to express this desire. This will rectify an outer layer of their kli (their soul as a container object). Also note that this is not permanent. They may strike back at you immediately following this rectification in order to create a new layer of separation. This is okay, as we are only attempting to punch a hole into the center, not fully rectify the person, which wouldn't be a good thing to do to them without permission. You will repeat the process several times, eventually watching as the person breaks out of key taboos. This is the sign that they are releasing their excess energy and beginning to rectify their surroundings. At this point, watch and wait.There are many types of problems, and because of this, it is good to make sure you have accurately assessed the situation by practicing Phrontis with your net, and trying the exercise below.


-Net Diagram-
First of all, take out a piece of paper and a pencil. Draw a point and around it a single circle. Within the confines of the circle, make a symbol for each of the Speira in your net. Add another circle and put symbols for your closest friends or family members. Add another circle and make symbols for all the people you know well, but aren't good friends with. These lines will naturally organize themselves through your own mental associations. If you get stuck, move on to the next person and classify the problem person later. Continue until you have exhausted your mind of it's associations. Examine the symbols you've used for each person; this could be as simple as initials or as complex as Goetic seals. Think about them as cosmic forces within your life and learn to move within this space that you live in. Exert gravities and orbit those you wish to encourage. This attention to the details of your social life will allow you to begin analyzing who you are in the context of those around you, instead of merely continuing to affirm your own perceptions of self which are prone to error. Also when resentment or anger towards a person arises, you can safely invoke or banish that symbol as necessary in order to correctly resolve the situation. If you are not sure of how to resolve the situation, you can project the into the metaphoric space between you and your problem person, and thereby allow Kadmon to guide your actions. The practice of Sumbolaion can be extended to other areas, once understood, as described by the article after the Sumbolaion link (above).


-Free Trade-
This one can get a bit intense if used incorrectly. This exercise requires a net of two to three people. First I recommend some form of Phrontis, to establish a basic connection within the net. Second it is helpful to talk before hand for about an hour or so, releasing any anxiety within the net prior to this. Then you should sit back to back and begin by matching your breathing patterns. When you first practice this, it may take awhile, and the effect may be minimal, but with practice this is a potent tool for connecting within a net. Beforehand you should decide who will start and how many rounds your "Free Trade" session will last. In a net of three starting out, I'd recommend keeping the number below 5 (although 3 is optimal but less satisfying). Begin by stating a word that you wish to invoke. The next person follows by stating a word that flows from the previous that is in line with their desire. Repeat as necessary. After you have finished you may wish to bask in the feeling of unity (Achdut) which comes from "Free Trade". When you are ready, close off the unification by eating, exercise, or some personal method of isolation. Watch for the words to manifest, and write down how it comes about. This exercise, in practice, works better with an axon.


-Revolving Pulpit-

Simple enough. Everyone must take a turn at teaching the net something they are comfortable with. This increases understanding and makes for a more cohesive unit. I present this exercise hoping to convey the fact that doing Kadmon's work need not be complex. Effectiveness is the most important virtue.I would also recommend that new Speira or Oudeis be encouraged to teach multiple times during their initial 90 days. This will foster a sense of belonging, and allow new members to introduce new ideas into the mindspace of Kadmon. Daily practice of spiritual discipline, such as prayer, ritual, or meditation, is the best way to ensure that you will continue to grow in the knowledge and wisdom that Kadmon has to offer.

Kadmon is a growing body of ritual and an open channel of revelation.
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